8 years hiatus from biking … now dipping my toe again with the 5h40am cycling rides in the dark!

8 years hiatus from biking … now dipping my toe again with the 5h40am cycling rides in the dark!

8 years hiatus from biking … now dipping my toe again with the 5h40am cycling rides in the dark!

First step : sign up to join Morning Glory Cycling Club (MGCC)

This club changed the course of my life in 2007, 15 years ago.

I had just turned 40, just ran Boston again, after a 9 year break from working out (and a seperation, was now a single mom…)

I needed motivation to ride my bike as I was thinking about maybe dabbling into triathlons again too.

This amazing human, Fraser Chapman, had just started a cycling group: just a few buddies meeting up at 5h40 am to ride from Leaside before the morning rush of parents driving to work.

My best buddie, Shaun, on his firefighter night shift saw their little pack whiz by in the dark.

He caught up, chatted them up and joined their group and a bunch of us joined incl. David Oosterveld.

This “little” group of cycling buddies turned into one of the largest cycling clubs in Canada (maybe North America) with over 1000+ cyclists.

During the week, 5h40am sharp roll out from Leaside to either the Bridal path loops or to the Bluffs and off to do “repeats”.

Weekend was either the 55k, 85k or 105km, hammer fest up to Markham and back. Groups A B or C pending your speed/fitness level.

In my 40’s, without MGCC, there is NO WAY I could have done 7 more Ironman’s, 1 per year. Nope.

I got my 4-6 rides a week. Weekdays before my crazy routine of 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, kids drop off and commute to Oakville.

Weekends: long hammerfest with the boys (there were 100+ men and a handful - on a good day - of us women riders in the A group). Warm up then Go Go Go up every hill.

Then bath, nap. Repeat.

March to May, I’d get dropped. Come July, I’d power over the hills.

Come August, I’d kick butt in Ironman. Even got 2 podiums.

IM Mont Tremblant 2014 was my last race.

Then, I took a CMO job in Vancouver. Commuted from TO. Tired.

2016 I decided to start my own company. 2017; I was managing my stress with hot yoga daily at Moksha.

Then, moved to the Beach. MGCC was too far. No yoga, no running, no biking for the last 5 years.

8 year hiatus from biking actually other than the occasional 6km commute to the office pre-Covid. But those first 2 years of my Start-up, I travelled nearly 1/2 the time so was on a plane more than in the office unfortunately.

Finally last year, I put a deposit down on a new road bike. Mine was 17 years old. Time to upgrade. Got it in November.

As with seredepity, MGCC opened up a Beach chapter. The season opener ride was yesterday.

I got up extra early, triple checked all my gear. Was so nervous. Only have 2 rides in my legs in the last couple of years …so had no idea how this would go.

Daragh and the gang were amazing. 56km loop. BOOM.

I’m back at it.

Next hurdle is getting up at 4h45am week days to meet up at 5h40am sharp for the week-day rides.

One step at a time… but that’s next!

Thank you MGCC. Thank you to all my fellow riders and friends, Fraser, Greg, Daragh Mansworth.
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