Calling all Canadian Retailers!

Calling all Canadian Retailers!

 Calling all Canadian Retailers! 

Check out this beauty!!! Our sweet-looking new floorstands are ready to go with the first PO's!

December 19th at UNFI Canada Purity Life Health Products LP!

I'm very humbled to share that I've chatted with 7-8 of our amazing Canadian retailer partners just very recently and they are all very excited and wanting to BE FAST and FIRST to market with our new FUNCTIONAL CHOCOLATE with BENEFITS! 🙏🙏 Lets gooooo!

And yes, our timing is amazing and we are FIRST in Canada with the new Health Canada Supplemented Food Facts Panel.

New! Amazing pure chocolate infused with healthy ingredients! The Better Chocolate :
Delicious real dark and milk chocolate bites with incredible benefits for you and your loved ones.   Simply stupendous taste that comes from the Fine Aroma Cacao from Ecuador. 100% Single Origin and Bean-to-Bar.

Hardly any chocolate in North America is like this (as too $$ to bring in) however, ours is made with love in our little factory in Ecuador.

The snap of the dark chocolate is incredible and the creamy center MELTS in your mouth. The UCG and testimonials we are getting are incredible - I

I'm at NOSH in Santa Monica (yesterday and today) and have been sampling non stop and the reaction is again/again "WoW! the chocolate taste is incredible!

Infused with Vitamins, Supplements, Minerals, Adaptogens, Protein, Fibre, MCT oil, and more!  
Of course, with 0g of Sugar added, Keto, 100% Single Origin, Fair Trade Certified, Bean-to-Bar, Infused, Small batch roasting, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO.  

Women's Owned Certified. LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Owners.

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