Fair Trade Day!

Fair Trade Day!

Want to learn more about how The Better Chocolate is helping the planet?

💚💚💚This past Saturday was Fair Trade Day! And we’re so happy to be a part of the movement. 💚💚💚

Since day one The Better Chocolate has only used cacao beans that are Fair Trade Certified and harvested and grown in the ultra-rich aromatic soils in the heart of Ecuador by an NGO co-operative of small farmers. 

As these unique gardens and farms are small, family run little enterprises, we are allowing opportunities for the next generation to inherit a successful business.

We work with 212 Associations and approximately 8375 families.

The relationships we have created with these farmers are meaningful for both them and the company. 

We are committed to fair and ethical processes. Getting our Certification was one of our major highlights as a company! Look for the Fair Trade Certification when ever you shop! 🛒
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