Goodbye Gummies!

Goodbye Gummies!

Are you looking for an alternative to gummies?

Are you “all gummied out?”

Try our new Vitamin Pure Chocolate Bites!

Og of Sugar added. Infused with triple formula of vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Just ONE of our delicious Chocolate Bites Multi Vitamin Women has the same formulas as 6-18 gummies, as we have included a full daily dose of a Women’s Multi + Immunity + Ashwagandha 300mg… all in ONE little bite.

Goodbye 6-18 gummies/day!

Plus we’ve added MCT oil and there is already rich cacao butter in our Bites: so all your fat-soluble nutrients can easily absorbed (sugar doesn’t facility absorption of the fat soluble nutrients).

And best of all they won’t stick to your teeth or get stuck at the bottom of the jar where they are hard to get out. Ours bites are individually wrapped.

One-a-day! At anytime. Try dropping in your coffee if you like mocha coffee… so yummy!

Pure Chocolate from Ecuador. 0g of Sugar added. 100% Single Origin from farms in the heart of Ecuador. Bean-to-Bear. Fair Trade.

The Best Tasting Chocolate Just Got Healthier!

On sale on our US website in 2 weeks….. ! Be the first to order. 15% code off

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