Into the HEART of Ecuador at our NGO’s small cacao farm. 🦋❤️

Into the HEART of Ecuador at our NGO’s small cacao farm. 🦋❤️

Part II: The family FARM … and the luscious, rich fruit fields and gardens right in their backyard.

Check out this second video of our most memorable day ever.  

You will see for yourself why the CACAO that grows here, in the small community farms in the heart of Ecuador, ARE LIKE NO OTHER fields of cacao anywhere in the world. 

This is NOT the production lines of farms that we’re used to seeing in North America, or the cacao fields in Africa that supply the mass production, big chocolate companies. No, no, no! 

These are small farmers where the husband, wife and kids all dedicate their lives to growing the most amazing fruits and cacao beans right in their own backyard gardens. 

The magic is that the cacao bean trees are intertwined and “hidden” among 18 different fruit plants … It's a maze - and makes a fun and challenging game for anyone to find all the different fruits and the freshest cacao pods. And what a wonder seeing the tiny little baby ones just starting to grow. 

No pesticides, no chemicals, just water, sun and lots and lots of love, pruning and care. 

My heart was touched. ❤️❤️ Otto and Jenny, day after day, in their fields, nurturing each fruit and cacao plant, so that we can reap the gift of the richest tasting, most flavourful and aromatic cacao beans you can imagine. 

I got to pick some, taste some, and do what Otto & Jenny have been doing for 45 years; pick the pods, open them up, scoop out the pulp and seeds, then off to ferment, dry and to the chocolate factory! … To then be made into the most delicious chocolate on the planet! 

And of course, butterflies flying all over! More to follow, so stay tuned!

Check out this great video we made together.


By: Suzie Yorke, CEO and Co-Founder.

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