Introducing our Beauty Me bites!

Introducing our Beauty Me bites!

g our Beauty Me bites!
As those that follow me know, I’m constantly go go go!

And some days I’m pretty exhausted.

But I want to look and feel my best, so I am eating my yummy Beauty Me bites! 💕 💕💕

An incredible recipe of real dark chocolate and milk chocolate with 0g of Sugar Added.

Infused with 30mcg of Biotin, 150mg of Vitamin C, 800iu of Vitamin D, 15mg of Vitamin mg 6mg of Zinc and 1.6g of MCT oil which helps with the absorption of the fat soluble nutrients

These delicious bites are topped with sprinkles of sea salt and cacao nibs for a wonderful crunch!

And best of all these infused chocolate bites are definitely going to give a boost to my skin, hair and nails!

Try them and feel the difference!
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