Introducing Vitamin Me!

Introducing Vitamin Me!

Introducing Vitamin Me!

Part of our amazing line up of Functional Chocolate with Benefits.

Our Vitamin Me is infused with 700mcg of Vitamin A, 150mg of Vitamin C, 800iu of Vitamin D, 230mg of Calcium, 6mg of Zinc and 1.6g of MCT oil which helps with the absorption of the fat soluble nutrients.

The taste is incredible….real chocolate and creamy fudge!

The quality of the chocolate is like no other:

- 100% Single Origin from the heart of the farmer’s small fields in Ecuador supporting 3422 small home-farms

- Bean-to-Bar, Fair Trade Certified

This allows the incredible taste of this cacao to develop as the beans grow and therefore an all natural process: without alkali, without added natural or artificial flavours, and without chemicals anywhere in the process or artificial anything. Simply not needed.

And more of the precious antioxidants and flavonoids and theobromine is protected and preserved through out.

FourX Better ChocolateTM certified Women’s Owned, and LGBTQ+2S Founders and 50% ownership and 50% BIPOC.

So good you won’t believe you’re taking your vitamins!

Try them and Feel the difference! 💕
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