Our PRE-Launch is LIVE! Buy now!!

Our PRE-Launch is LIVE! Buy now!!

The DAY is finally here! Our PRE-Launch is LIVE! Buy now!! 

Wow... 11 months ago... this seemed like a WILD & Crazy DREAM! Launching a second Start-up at age 55!? After an exhausting, intense, hyper ride with the first one!? 😱 
Yes, I'm launch another super innovative, first-to-market, disruptive, healthier snack and vitamins brand with 0g of Sugar... that the entire world needs!  
Today, we celebrate our very first Online pre-sales 🥳  with the 5 Canadian skus of our Functional Chocolates with Benefits launching now.  Check out the Starter Pack and Value Pack options.
And we’re making our delicious chocolates all week! 🍫💕  Melanie and I are heading over to the factory now!
Thank you for your incredible support; your purchases now allows us to fund the first production and you’ll be FIRST to get your order at the end of December.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following my journey. More to come! 😁🥰 
👉🏻 Here’s the story as it unfolded: In 2021, I had met Alejandro, who owns a custom craft chocolate factory in Quito, Ecuador. He’s an R&D guru, process engineer and life-long problem solver entrepreneur! He spent 5 years finding the BEST cacao beans in the heart of Ecuador – tasting over 60 varieties and then figured out the perfect way to get the delightful taste of pure chocolate without all the SUGAR. So a 0g of Sugar added chocolate was born. However, that was not enough! He then perfected the craft of INFUSING this incredibly phenomenal rich tasting pure chocolate with vitamins, supplements, minerals, adaptogens (including the super one Ashwagandha) and protein and fibre.  
It seemed too good to be true! We met a bunch of times including several of trips to the factory. My life partner, Melanie said, YOU MUST DO THIS. You cannot pass on this as it’s too incredible.  🦋💕💕 
✅ A LOT of long days and hard work and problem solving and hurdles later and a lot of personal investments later... and here we are!  Our 5 skus of Functional Chocolates with Benefits and our 5 skus of Vitamins & Supplements came to life – ready to launch in Canada. ✅ 
P.S. We’re excited to also support content creators with our Affiliate Program. Just email us and we will send you the info; social@thebetterchocolates.com  🤳💲📷❤️


By, Suzie Yorke

Co-founder and CEO

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