Podcast alert! Elaine's Kitchen Table 💕

Podcast alert! Elaine's Kitchen Table 💕

Podcast alert! So many amazing topics to chit chat! 🎙 💕

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Elaine Tan Comeau from @Elaine's Kitchen Table Podcast.

Her podcasts centre around the idea of creating better family, health, business and self.

Elaine is a HUGE fan of my first brand, Love Good Fats and now my second brand, The Better Chocolate

See her comment below when describing my business….

“That’s right, over $100,000,000 of chocolate in the 3 years since launch, and I only bought maybe $1,000 of it 😉 ha ha”**

We talked about how I started my company at age 50 and how it went into hyper-growth.

I also shared tips for growing any business at “normal speed”, so whether your goal is 6-figures, 7-figures or 9-figures, you’ll find something interesting in this podcast.

It was such a great conversation.

Thank you Elaine!
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