Watch the HELIX Rise Virtual Mega Summit Event Now ! 💪🌈🙌

Watch the HELIX Rise Virtual Mega Summit Event Now ! 💪🌈🙌

! 💪🌈🙌 Watch the HELIX Rise Virtual Mega Summit Event Now 🩷🎁💃🏃🏻‍♀️

and it's FREE and easy to access (see below)

- Get inspired before the holidays!

- Learn, Share and Connect with this amazing community of women in Canada

- Vision away! Manifest, Drum up your Goals and ToDo Lists for 2024

I feel so priviledged to be one of the keynote speakers at the recent HELIX RISE Virtual Summit.

An incredible event dedicated to woman looking to learn, connect and develop their entrepreneurial mindset. 🧠 💪🏻

- Inspiring workshops!
- Numerous captivating sessions hosted by accomplished female leaders to give you the motivation to take your career to the next level
- Engaging panel discussions
- Networking activiites
- A showcase of the supporting organizations
- Many Services and support tailored for women and an opportunity to learn more about the Scotiabank Women Initiative®.

And best of all it was FREE!! 🙌🏻

I shared my unique journey – from my Electrical Engineering degree at McGill University to my first job instead in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) where I climbed quickly to Director of Marketing and carved my niche as a "Turn-Around expert and Change Agent" and realized I'm an "Intrapreneur" with the DNA to be a true Entrepreneur.

A journey eventually leading me to launching two brands of my own from my dining room table in my little home in Toronto, ON.

My first brand, Love Good Fats, a company that sells low-sugar snacks with the right good fats, fiber and protein! and only 1-2g of Sugar of course.

And now :

FourX The Better Chocolate, my second brand, a World's First! Delicious Functional Chocolate Bites with 0g of Sugar added 🍫♥️

Watch the recording for free here:
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